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Industrial applications


Especially in factories with high electricity consumption and high online electricity purchases, the roof area of the factory is usually large, and the roof is open and flat, suitable for installing photovoltaic arrays; At the same time, due to the high electricity load, distributed photovoltaic power generation can achieve on-site consumption, offsetting a portion of online purchased electricity, thereby saving users' electricity bills.


2. Commercial applications


The difference between commercial buildings and industrial areas lies in the fact that they mostly have cement roofs, which are more conducive to installing photovoltaic arrays. However, there are often requirements for the aesthetics of the buildings, which are installed according to the characteristics of service industries such as commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, and conference centers. The user load capacity is generally higher during the day and lower at night, which can better match the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation.



3. Residential applications


There are a large number of available roofs in residential areas, including self owned residential roofs, vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds, etc. Residential areas are often located at the end of the public power grid, with poor electricity quality. Building distributed photovoltaic systems in residential areas can improve electricity security and quality.


Distributed photovoltaic power generation specifically refers to the construction of photovoltaic power generation facilities near user sites, with the operation mode being self consumption on the user side, excess electricity connected to the grid, and characterized by balanced adjustment in the distribution system.


Distributed photovoltaic power generation follows the principles of adapting to local conditions, clean and efficient, decentralized layout, and nearby utilization, fully utilizing local solar energy resources to replace and reduce fossil energy consumption.


Distributed photovoltaic power generation is a new and promising way of power generation and energy comprehensive utilization. It advocates the principles of nearby power generation, nearby grid connection, nearby conversion, and nearby use. It can not only effectively increase the power generation of photovoltaic power stations of the same scale, but also effectively solve the problem of power loss in boosting and long-distance transportation.


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